Corporate citizenship is focused on efficiency and being proactive in risk management. The company’s way of doing business and its outlook on its resources are based on this premise. We aims to use limited resources effectively and prudently and to produce lasting value through a sustainable approach.

Utilizing resources more effectively is not only a requirement for a prudent and responsible business but is also the obligation of a responsible citizenry. We believe that using resources, bestowed on us by the world, with utmost care reflects our respect for the world and the environment, for humanity and future generations, and for ourselves.

Using all kinds of resources that nature offers us, we also show respect to humanity, new generations and ourselves. Recycling is also really important for our company.

For all these reasons, as TAU Projects, we use our opportunities more wisely and we try to use recycling most efficiently as possible.

As a part of the society that we live in, the foundation of TAU Projects idea of social responsibility contains not to be hesitated to take any kind of responsibility for a better future. In the report, under the subject heading named as ‘Environment’, it determines one of TAU Projects’ crucial roles where it mentions that the improvement of the life standard is an element of preserving the environment and the natural habitat.