At TAU Projects, it is our fundamental principle to determine necessary actions for the risks that may arise from our activities and services and to ensure their implementation, thus protecting the safety and health of our visitors, suppliers, local people, our customers and employees at the highest level that is possible. Sustainability, protection of the environment and the health of human being, the most precious being, constitute our understanding of life.

As TAU Projects’ management and people follow the rules below.

  • Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations, 
  • By training employees about Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Ensuring all of the employees, suppliers and visitors compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety rules,
  • By taking precautions to prevent occupational diseases and preserve health and safety conditions,
  • By following the new technological developments and make investments, 
  • Ensuring participation of employees to all these processes. 

We undertake to provide a safe and healthy environment to all of our employees.